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"Business Credit is the single largest source of business financing;by volume ,in the world...exceeding even bank loans. Business credit is extended from one business to another.Without business credit,the world's business economic system would not exist..."
- National Association Of Credit Management

Importance of Managing Credit and Collecting your Money due to you
On Time

collect it today

Collect It Today!



In a buoyant economy, selling on credit has a number of advantages, especially when it generates a larger volume of business as well as widens one's marketshare.


Infact, selling on credit often 'Makes' or 'Breaks' a sale and at most times gives you that edge over competition. Yet, one cannot afford to take this area of credit control lightly, as too many companies everyday are mounting with debt that are increasingly doubtful of recovery. A recent study on the growing sickness in industries and businesses, reveals that BAD DEBT is the one major cause for bankruptcy. Click here


Has it ever occurred to you that before the customer buys your goods both are interested - he in your goods and you in his money, but once he gets the goods he is no more interested. It's only you (for your money!). A company can have the finest product, a superb sales record and the most dedicated workforce, but if it does not get paid ( .. and on time! ) it will die. An unpaid debt is a loan being financed by your company - it means that many companies are prevented from achieving their full potential, because instead of using borrowed money to develop and grow their business, they are having to borrow money just to fund their own sales ledgers - with the most precarious risk to a company's profit on the sale being the interest expense from non-payment on time.


Managing credit and collecting your money therefore are the 2 most important and vital factors which decide the fate of your business.




The cost of Bad Debt Click Here..